Solid wood flooring is not only durable, but is an elegant way to add value and beauty to a home.

Choosing a flooring material demands proper knowledge of the material and its performance characteristics. And a long service life depends on a complete understanding of installation, finishing, and maintenance requirements, too. Any investment in wood flooring can be justified when the material selected provides long-term resistance to wear, general utility, and a decorative appearance.

Properly installed and cared for, high-quality Southern Pine flooring products meet the challenges of the most demanding applications. With its distinctive grain pattern, the golden beauty of a Southern Pine floor is a feature well known to designers, builders, and homeowners.

An added benefit of wood flooring is less allergies because, unlike carpeting, wood does not trap spores and dust that can cause household allergies.

Wood flooring naturally complements a raised wood floor foundation system. Using Southern Pine flooring is ideal – it works with any décor, from country to contemporary.

For tips on product selection, installation, finishing and maintenance, refer to the SFPA publication Southern Pine Flooring.

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