Tables 12, 13, 14 and 15 provide allowable loads in pounds per lineal foot (plf) for glued-laminated, solid-sawn, nail-laminated and laminated veneer lumber girders, respectively.

See the KEY for an explanation of the table values.


For each clear opening¹, there are three rows of numbers:
Row 1: Maximum Total Load (plf) with deflection limited to ℓ/240
Row 2: Maximum Live Load (plf) with deflection limited to ℓ/360
Row 3: Required Bearing Length² in inches
1 Clear Opening is defined as the distance from inside face to inside face of supports.
2 Required Bearing Lengths are provided in 1.5″ increments. They are based on the compression perpendicular-to-grain design value for the girder. Longer lengths may be required because of the material the girder is bearing on.

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