The Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) promotes the advantages of raised wood floor foundations to building professionals and consumers. Visitors to this site can learn more about cost savings, insurance benefits, reduced flood risk and aesthetic charm associated with raised wood floor homes.

Why Build Raised?

Designers and builders who offer the raised floor option, framed with strong, durable, renewable wood, create value for themselves and the homeowner. The raised floor homeowner accrues lifelong benefits such as curb appeal, comfort, practicality and lasting value. Discover all of the raised floor advantages here. Building a wood-framed raised floor foundation compares favorably to the cost of a slab. Our construction process walks you through the raised floor basics, from soils and footings to floor framing.

Videos Offer Raised Floor Construction Basics

Never built a raised floor home before? Or perhaps you just want a “refresher” or some new ideas. Either way, these short “how to” segments will bring you quickly up to speed on the basics of raised floor construction. Links to all six videos are below.

video-construction» What is a Raised Floor?
» Site Prep & Footings
» Foundation Design
» Crawlspace Considerations
» Framing Options
» Porches & Decks